Mr. T Visitor Guide: Wayne Coyne Incident, SXSW

Mr. T Visitor Guide: Wayne Coyne Incident, SXSW

Wayne Coyne meets Mister T in Austin

The setup: I PITY THE FOOL that schedules the All Smiles show at 1:30. Mr. T was on another recon mission in Austin for this SXSW thing. Everybody knows that parking’s scarce for a tactical command unit and that fool Murdock was outta the van before you can say “The Office of the Governor has a zero tolerance policy for nonsense on 6th street, FOOL!”

wayne and stringsThe rationale: Face wasn’t pickin’ up his cell phone and some fool was blocking the street interviewin’ fools for the Tonight Show. How’s a T supposed to parallel park with a giant string section standin’ in my A-Team Van loading zone!

The altercation: “Hey FOOL! You might be a musical genius, but you aint no parkin’ genius! Get outta my loading zone before I comb your hair, suckah!”

Mr. T: Hey Fools! Don’t you suckas know what LOADING ZONE MEANS?

Wayne Coyne: Hey look Jay, Mr. T’s making a Tonight Show appearance!

Mr T: Quit yo jibba jabba! I’m a Jimmy Kimmel man, now you’ve got 5 seconds to get outta my van’s way!

Wayne Coyne:
Stuttering John… get a shot of this….

Mr. T: Don’t make me MAD! ….I ain’t got no TIME to pose for photos…. I’m late for a show!

Wayne Coyne:
Oh wook at his widdle wegs…..(hoists T up in the air)

Mr. T: Let a T go! You see what I did to that midget when she messed with Mr. T?

Wayne Coyne: Ladies and Gentlemen…. Mr. T!

Mr. T: Let me down fool! Don’t make me mad…grrr… T’s already late – HEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Jim Fairchild: Why’d you miss my show?

Mr. T: Blame Murdock, Blame Jay Leno…. but don’t blame a T!

Jim Fairchild: Aw….. Mister T…..
jim fairchild meets T

See Wayne Coyne’s SXSW report on the Tonight Show this Thursday (March 22). – ed