Foo Fighters @ Paladino's, 6/21/2007

Foo Fighters @ Paladino’s, 6/21/2007

Foo Fighters @ Paladino’s, 6/19/2007A San Fernando Valley band wanted to rehearse this past Thursday ’cuz they needed to warm up for some big show tonight. Since they were too far from the crowds at Silverlake and Hollywood, I felt sorry for ’em. Plus, one of ’em reminded me of Jesus [photo] so I thought, “Why not? At least it’s free.”

However much like “JC” himself they made Shenny and I go through some trials:

  1. Answer some questions
  2. Search for a guy in a parking lot, and
  3. Find the horse.

Luckily, we succeeded and endured the hell-like heat inside the venue. I don’t know about the band though because they didn’t do everything that was written [setlist photo] so I wish them good luck tonight, esp. as the Police are after ’em. ;)

[Note to any unsuspecting passersby: if you don’t sense the sarcasm in this post, welcome to
LosAnjealous and thanks for reading/viewing.]

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PS. They played one new song, called “Cheer Up Son, Your Make-up’s Running” and it sounded GOOD.