“Kowboyz” Finally Blessed With Merciful Razing

The razing of Kowboyz, a formerly dingy, poorly-lit shack offering overpriced used western wear, boots-as-far-as-the-eye-can-see and a robust serving of Lynchian vibes for anyone brave enough to stumble through its brightly-painted door at 8050 Beverly, occurred yesterday morning. (citysearch) (yelp) (LA Weekly)

After the jump: Kowboyz’ Last Stand.

Above: Kowboyz, January 11. Thanks to the tireless work of the LA Conservancy, the final historic load-bearing wall of Kowboyz has been preserved and will be maintained during construction of the newer, larger, considerably creepier albeit familiarly Jamaican-themed Kowboyz presently slated for an April 2008 opening.