We Are Four! Happy 4th Birthday Losanjealous!


The Big 4.0! Which in Internet Years is, like, a lot more years. For some perspective, this is our 2,673 post. (Admittedly, some duds in there–most of them mine.) Or, think of it this way–Losanjealous’s lifespan roughly coincides with Antonio Villaraigosa’s tenure as our fine city’s mayor. And of course, we are also forever linked to him by the little matter of our own torrid affair with a Telemundo journalista.

Looking back on the baby steps of that first month of May ‘05, I’m not sure what really can be gleaned about beyond maybe a fairly consistent affinity for Michael Jackson news (then / now), The Flaming Lips (then / now), Bloc Party (then / now) and Trader Joe’s (then / now).

But rather than stroll down Memory Lane and pat ourselves on the back, rehash our tireless service, recall the innumerable laughs, insights and rock show tips shared here, or even mention the over 1,200 pairs of tickets given away, or, for that matter, gloat on how we’ve outlasted both the American Girl store or, sadly, the print edition of The Onion, we’d rather just say thanks. Thanks. Thanks for continuing to check out the site and contributing your own opinions, complaints and tips. Like, J.C. just now, right here. Thanks, J.C.

Feel free to share your memories of how Losanjealous has impacted your lives for the better or worse below.