Do We Want to Stop Shortening Santa Monica as "SaMo"?

Do We Want to Stop Shortening Santa Monica as “SaMo”?

SaMoAnyone know how long has “SaMo” been around as a short handle for Santa Monica? Is it a development within, say, the last 10 years or going back 100 years? I’m just noticing it more and more these days, mostly online.

I’ll spare you a half-baked rant on the destruction of language, yada yada. I’m no anthropological linguist.

I just think at the most basic level, we can all agree “SaMo” looks dumb in print and sounds even dumber when spoken aloud. (Has anyone ever said “SaMo” aloud referring to Santa Monica?)

If it’s about conserving time and space, then why not just “SM”?

And this is not a case where an abbreviation combines a few words to create a name for a region, such as SoMa in San Francisco or TriBeCa in NYC.

I believe we can end it right here, right now–if we all work together. It has to start somewhere.

Just say no to “SaMo”.

Thank you for your consideration.