Food Trucks Getting Ticketed in Los Angeles: Still Fascinating, November 2010

ABOVE: While writing up THE PLACE’s truck and informing the driver he needs to move his vehicle, one of ten vying for westside lunchtime dollars on Pennsylvania Avenue, a motorcycled member of the Santa Monica Police Department is photographed today both by the woman with the DSLR camera and the telephone of the author, who looks on with a curiously sweet-and-sour emotional mix of glee and dismay while scarfing food from a competing and possibly soon-to-be-written-up-as-well truck.

Since we originally heard from The Green Truck more than one year ago regarding the shakedown and anti-truck sentiments occurring at that time near Museum Square, Wilshire Blvd, we’ve had various legislature handed down, we’ve had health grades approved, we’ve heard more than once that trucks are soon to be the way of the dodo, and we’ve heard more than twice that trucks are here to stay. The trucks do appear “here to stay”, of course, and with them comes the ever-present threat of a ticket by The Man, both a cost of doing business and a dependable source of municipal revenue for the cities in which both inhabit.

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