Losanjealous' December 2006 Commenter of the Month: TIE: Jenn and Jeff (Part Two)

Losanjealous’ December 2006 Commenter of the Month: TIE: Jenn and Jeff (Part Two)

cotm_jenn.gifCongratulations to our TIED December 2006 Commenters of the Month, Jenn and Jeff. As the Losanjealous staff is “tied” up on a conference call with our Tokyo office at present, we asked them to kindly interview each other. Today: Jeff Interviews Jenn, avid commenter, traveller, city worker and indie rock fan.

Jeff: Have you seen the Big Lebowski yet?

Jenn: Nope, Jeff Bridges intimidates me. Besides if a movie is considered “great” or just overly popular I tend to wait awhile before watching it as a form of rebellion.I’ll put it on the pile that I save for rainy days (like Pulp Fiction).

Do you think that (like others) you will stop posting on Losanjealous now that you’ve won the commenter of the month award?

I thought I already have. I’m surprised I got it for the month of December as I thought I was particularly inactive for that month (not on purpose, just coincidence). I thought I had it in the bag for November. I guess my head got too big and so I got lazy.

How do you explain the winner of the November commenter of the month award: laziness or indecisiveness?

I think it’s both (see answer to #2). The person assigned with the task for the month probably didn’t want to deal with making a decision at the time — so they had two winners for the final month of December instead and do most (if not all) the work of interviewing each other. It’s a smart move, actually. I’m the idiot for agreeing to a deadline whilst on vacation.

What was your first Losanjealous comment and did it consist of a Homer Simpson-like noise in response to a post about food?

My first comment was about the Greek Festival and it was for the cheapskates who didn’t want to spend $3 to enter. How the hell can I type a Homer-like noise? Except for “d’oh”, it’d be too hard to spell.

Don’t you appreciate the fact that Losanjealous does not consist of a series of nauseating, insecure, mid-party, MySpace-destined, silly-faced, goofy-dancing, martini-toting, outrageous-scarf wearing, blazer-and-band-tee, backstage-at-the-so-and-so-club, cigarette-obsessing photograph essays?

I take it you’re no fan of the fisheye-lens snapper, but yes I do appreciate the photo essays as they don’t make me feel ashamed of living here but rather proud (…and hungry, I don’t think I’ve ever craved a bacon-wrapped hot dog so much before). I prefer to view the live music photos, but that’s because it’s likely for a show I couldn’t attend and I do that myself for hobby (http://www.flickr.com/photos/eudaemonia/). The idea of breaking up photos is pretty clever too. I haven’t seen that before.

December 2006 Commmenter of the Month: Jenn

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