Losanjealous’ December 2006 Commenter of the Month: TIE: Jenn and Jeff (Part One)

December 2006 Commenter of the Month Award: JeffCongratulations to our TIED December 2006 Commenters of the Month, Jenn and Jeff. As the Losanjealous staff is “tied” up on a conference call with our London office at present, we asked them to kindly interview each other. First up: Jenn Interviews Jeff, a New Jersey transplant who’s lived in Los Angeles for over six years. Jeff blogs at westolowski.com.

Jenn: How’d you end up in Losanjealous? As in who/what referred you and made you decide to stay and become a frequent visitor/commenter?

Jeff: I’m not sure, but I think I linked to Losanjealous one day through the now-defunct L.A. Alternative website. I stuck around for a couple of reasons. No. 1, I really like the name. No. 2, I enjoy the typically dry, sarcastic tone of the site. No. 3, I won tickets to a Bronx/400 Blows show back in August so now I’m stuck in this dreary fantasyland of entering ticket giveaway contests as though I’ll ever win another pair of tickets through Losanjealous again. No. 4, I’m still trying to figure out the Brian Dennehy obsession.

Which of your comments do you think helped you win this award?

I would hope it was the “parkyakarkass” post, cuz I think the idea of a “Return of the Living Dead: Old Hollywood” movie would be “off the handle.” I bet Kevin Spacey will sign on no matter what. But I’m guessing that it was the heads-up I gave the Asian newscaster fans about the likely demographics of the Miho Hatori “straight out of purgatory” show coming up.

Have you ever attempted to play the Losanjealous crossword puzzle? If so have you won?

No, I unfortunately have not had the pleasure of playing the Losanjealous crossword puzzle. But I’m guessing the fact that I think Easy Mac tastes great would put me at a distinct disadvantage.

What’s it going to take for you to believe Aztek, Horney Guy and Duke Melrose aren’t who you think they are?

There are a few ways we may be able to get to the bottom of the Aztek/Horney Guy/Duke Melrose controversy. First, I’d like to see personal TiVo logs. If any particular news broadcasts have been recorded, I’ll arrange anonymous phonecalls in various Asian languages to the suspect staff members. If any of them are able to carry a conversation beyond “hello, how are you” or “where is the post office” or “extra chile, please” then they’ll be targeted. Next, I’ll send some mock Asian newscasters to the Losanjealous office. We’ll have them equipped with “hidden camera eyeglasses” and dark, pin-striped business suits. They will appear frighteningly intelligent. Moreso than your average chess computer. If any member offers champagne, chocolate syrup, whipped cream or ice cubes we can nail the resident Aztek/Horney Guy/Duke Melrose mastermind.

Have you ever commented under another name in Losanjealous?


How do you feel about having to share this award instead of having the spotlight all to yourself?

Yeah, I’m not gonna lie and say I wouldn’t have preferred the sole honor. At first, the idea of co-winners seemed just as lazy and/or indecisive as the “YOU” winner from November, especially since we had to come up with our own questions. But the idea eventually won me over. As, I’m sure, much to the relief of Losanjealous. This was a great opportunity to ask a complete stranger a series of not-all-that random questions.

Have you ever attended a gig, show or event you feel should or shouldn’t have been reviewed on Losanjealous? If so, which one(s) and why?

I think I share some musical tastes with Losanjealous but, for whatever reason, they don’t ever seem to review shows I go to. Though that may change with the upcoming Fleetwood Mac–I mean, Midlake show. Then again, I’d still prefer a review of a band I didn’t like than the millionth post about mac-and-cheese. Two suggestions: simply MORE concert reviews, and “mandatory” show reviews for ticket contest winners.

What’s your favorite Losanjealous post from 2006 (or rather, one you couldn’t keep away from — commenter or not)?

Well, probably my ultimate favorite was the Slayer Dumpster. I also enjoyed the Mountain Goats Secret Show Torture. And the Assholes Behind Jerry’s Deli was funny. I think most readers, though, would consider the Huell Howser drinking game the best. Mr. T Doll appearances are always great, and I liked the NYC/LA Comparative(ly Foolish) Study.

Losanjealous’ December 2006 Commenter of the Month: Jeff

Tomorrow: Jeff Interviews Jenn: The Tables Are Turned: The Riveting, Pulse-Pounding Finale…