The End of January Puzzle



  • Decipher the first 18 words below. E.g., if the clue is “LA Blogfather (8 letters)” you might eventually guess the word to be RODERICK. You would then attempt to find RODERICK in the puzzle.
  • Find all 26 words before anybody else. Words may be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, but never, ever backwards.
  • Contact me for your special prize. You will be asked to submit a completed puzzle.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a comprehensive staff directory.

1) boulevard of dreams (4 letters)

2) somewhat uncouth item comprised of a folded tortilla, two hot dogs, chili, cheese, pastrami (6 letters)

3) losanj editor emeritus (last name) (10 letters)

4) losanj bushnell fan (9 letters)

5) losanj winged writer (15 letters)

6) losanj slide of the weeker (14 letters)

7) losanj concert calendar publisher and kings of chaos addict (3 letters)

8 ) losanj staffer who is to be feared (6 letters)

9) losanj staffer who dreams of mastering a boulevard (4 letters)

10) losanj foodie who eats only one dish (16 letters)

11) losanj photog and fan of cold war kids (6 letters)

12) losanj photog and fan of starlight mints (5 letters)

13) losanj coffee lover last seen in outer space (7 letters)

14) losanj staffer who wears immaculate ties (5 letters)

15) losanj sporadic T maven (9 letters)

16) frozen brand of fries consumed at Chinese Food, Silver lake (6 letters)

17) losanj iron-clad-stomached staffer who follows his heart (10 letters)

18) losanj scribe and fan of costco (3 letters)

BONUS WORDS (these have already been deciphered for you)

19) crap
20) si (para los bilinguals)
21) goats
22) troub
23) echo
24) koreatown
25) intern
26) photog