Craptastic Cell Phone Photo of the Week: Columbus Day Set, Echo Park

craptastic!Proffered by an unassuming cell phone, this bird’s-eye view of the Columbus Day set in Echo Park easily deserves a place in any scrapbook…on any mantel. Any scrantel. To be sure, this week’s winner has transcended far above and beyond the garden varietal craptasticness afforded most submissions. Let the sheer unabashed craptasticness it exudes set example to future contenders for generations to come.

As noted by Robert, the photographer:

  • Lame Looking Ship Float
  • High School Flag Team
  • Old Timey Fire Truck
  • No Val Kilmer

After the jump, Pee-Wee goes head-to-head with Cowboy Ralph for second place…

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Doug sends in a Pee-Wee sighting (via Pantech C3):


One of the cool things about working for the corporate overlords at MTV is that I get to do interesting work-related stuff every once in a while. The other night I went to Spike TV’s first annual (keep your fingers crossed) Guys Choice awards…and I met Pee-wee!

Meanwhile Hilary presents the bathrobed cowboy clientele of Rock and Roll Ralphs, courtesy Motorola RAZR (also my preferred weapon of choice):


At Rock and Roll Ralphs in Hollywood. I think they were looking for a reaction, but what they obviously didn’t take into consideration is that this is Hollywood, and nothing surprises us anymore.