Craptastic Cell Phone Photo of the Week: Yet Another Yogurt Shop

Truly, the Yogurt Age™ is upon us. Proffered by Hilary’s trusted Motorola RAZR, this inside-the-car capture of Yogurberry (seriously — yogurberry!?) makes us wonder whom to feel more sorry for: the local resident subjected to three yogurt stands within a few blocks’ radius, or the downtrodden, shades-sporting Caltrans court referral picking up cigarette butts curbside. What the hell, our hearts sing out to the both of you. It’s Friday. Of note: Car door/window matte frame surrounds photo subject matter. Details, people. Details such as these make the difference in a contest of craptasticness.

From Hilary:

I don’t get this whole “natural” frozen yogurt thing. It tastes gross.

All within walking distance of each other, there is a Pinkberry, Yogurtpia, and soon yogurtberry. Stop stop stop!

After the jump, two grainy transmissions from Lucha Va Voom’s recent three-day Quinceanera stand at the Mayan Theatre [WARNING: TOTALLY SFW]…

Pamela sends in two missives from Tuesday’s Lucha Va Voom, each entry an individually stellar capture within the subgenre shitty captures (itself contained within the considerably larger genre craptastic):



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