Project Pico Revisited

In which the project that has plagued these office walls all the long year resurfaces and adroitly introduces itself to casual reader and savage unscrupulite alike…

As a nonsubtle reminder, we collect and parse an inordinate amount of data regarding the boulevard of Pico dreams. At this time (9 OCTOBER 2007) we’d like to open the doors again. Please leave answers in comments or to project-pico @ losanjealousdotcom . . .

1) What is your favorite establishment on Pico Blvd?
2) How often do you find yourself driving on Pico – Daily? More than once Daily? Weekly? Hourly? Etc (Bus Drivers: Please indicate you are a bus driver in some fashion for follow-ups)
3) What is your favorite time of day to say the word, ‘Pico’ ?
4) Would you like to be contacted and/or quoted regarding topical Pico Blvd information, products and services?