Culver Mfgr Outperforms in Fake Blood Trials


  • Liquitex High Viscosity ACRA® Crimson Transparent
  • Grumbacher® Cadmium Red Medium Opaque
  • NovaColor® Cadmium Red Deep Opaque (Liquid Ready)

In all fairness Liquitex wasn’t a true opaque, but I wasn’t about to buy more paint. This was just what I had lying around the chateau.


Extensive splattering and smearing found Nova Color’s Cadmium Red Deep the darkest and most durable bullshit blood of the three. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Culver City’s very own Nova Color: Bullshit blood of choice this Halloween season. Stop by the factory store today and pick up a gross. Numerous 4-oz test jars can be found in the $3-4 range; aforementioned Cadmium will set you back $7.50. Add water, Winsor&Newton® Burnt Sienna Opaque, Black Opaque and garden variety corn meal for texturing. Dive headfirst into the rapid prototyping phase of fauxspattering. Discover the Nova Color difference. Go thee forth and bloody things.