Has Anybody Seen (MV)Pete?

Has Anybody Seen (MV)Pete?

All hands on Pete! We are looking a bonafide four-alarm emergency right in the face. MVPete has gone missing. Originally I thought he’d dropped off the radar after I told him to stop calling people ugly, but the fact of the matter is that ten short days following that discourse inaugural Losanjealous Commenter of the Month MVPete went missing – not only from the smug-infused comment sections of your local blogs, but from his own knowledge base as well, SlightlySlack, where his last posting (04 Nov 2006) sits molding in silence, akin to a well-worn sitcom career gambling reinvigoration with a Friday set at the Laugh Factory.

One can only speculate as to his whereabouts:

  • Has he given in to midterms at last?
  • Is he sitting in Doheny Library surrounded by a 700-lb stack of books, sweating a massive paper over city housing problems?
  • Birria Que Ricos Burrito Binge Gone Awry?
  • Did Pete Join The World Of Warcraft?

Have You Seen This Pete?

Please txtmsg immediately with any information you might have.
All hands on Pete!