Joey Ho: The Losanjealous Interview

’JoeyAloha Joey! It’s truly an honor to be in the presence of a show business legend.
Alo-HO Ron! Here at the Joey Ho Show we prefer alo-HO!

Well then Alo-HO! Joey, you’re taking your show to the Valley on Wednesday. What do you have in store for us?
Oh this is a BIG show, I assure you. All of my Ho’s will be there. Cathy Colada, Puka, Poi, and Waikiki Steve manning the bar. You’ve heard of Hawaii 5-0; well, we are the Hawaii 5 Ho’s! We also have some great singers, a crazy comedian, and for the Valley a visit from the Polynesian Pineapple Princess Poo-poo-ly. Just an eruption of talent! And of course door prizes! it’s a show of Comedy, Music, Cocktails, Hulas and Potted Meat! You know SPAM is the state meat of Hawai’i!

I did not know that. But let’s cut to the chase. Skeptics find it difficult to believe you are the illegitimate love child of Don Ho and Angelyne. Clearly, this unaltered family photo is irrefutable proof of your pedigree.
Well Ron, I think the parental love shown in the photo speaks for itself. Dad is smiling proud and Mom is doing that impish adorable thing with her tongue.

What was it like growing up? Did your mom drive you to school in her pink Corvette?
Mom did used to drive me to school in the pink corvette, much to my horror at the time. My childhood was rough at times, but never a bore. Since I am of mixed ethnicity: my Mother a white woman, my Dad, a lounge singer, I had plenty of taunts and torments in school. I sing a song about it in the show, “Half-Breed.”

Did you ever get sick of hearing your dad sing Tiny Bubbles?
Tiny Bubbles will always be a song near and dear to our hearts at the Ho Show. Cathy Colada, my sidekick, is our resident Champagne expert. She never met a cocktail she didn’t like. In fact, we have a jazzilicious version of Tiny Bubbles in our show, played by Missy Anita and her sax quartet, the Ka’apalani 4!

Mahalo, Joey, and best of luck with your show!
Mahalo to you, and thanks for having me. See you all at the Tiki Lounge, er, Whitefire theater! Alo-HO!

The Joey Ho Show
Wednesday, March 14, 2007, 8 PM
The Whitefire Theatre
13500 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
(323) 252-0560