Poor Man's Laserium @ Machine Project Sunday/Monday-ish

Poor Man’s Laserium @ Machine Project Sunday/Monday-ish

4th of doomIf you’re suffering from Griffith Park Laserium withdrawal, Machine Project will create their own psychedelic light show set to music, The Fourth of Doom, late Sunday night. How they have the resources to produce and choreograph a one-hour laser light show is beyond me but even if they just do shadow hand puppets to Dark Side of the Moon it’ll probably be ten times more entertaining than any LA fireworks display on the 4th. Seriously folks, check out the unicorn silhouettes on the poster–this is not to be missed.

Don’t get confused with the time. It’s technically on the Fourth of July, but you should come Sunday night, not Monday night.

The Fourth Of Doom
July 4, 12:01–1:01 AM (Again that’s late Sunday night. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.)
Machine Project
1200 D North Alvarado

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