January 2007 Commenter of the Month: Horney Guy, Aztek, and Duke Melrose

’comments’Last month three brave souls made Losanjealous history by forcing us to do something we’ve never done before: turn off comments. Horney Guy, Aztek and Duke Melrose broke the comment barrier and for that we salute them. Accepting the award on behalf of the trio is Horney Guy.

Congratulations on winning the Commenter of the Month Award.
Thanks Ron and the entire Losanjealous staff for this honor.

Let’s start with your moniker. What’s the significance of the extra “e” in Horney Guy?
I can’t spell.

Perhaps not but you can comment. Looking back, your first comment was on November 16 last year asking the whereabouts of Tritia Toyota. She’s a professor at UCLA now. Would you consider enrolling in one of her classes?
Only if she teaches sex education.

Spoken like a true perv. Bravo. Speaking of which do you keep in touch with Duke Melrose and Aktek?
No, cuz they’re too cool for me. But they sure knew how to hook up a homie with Sharon Tay and Mia Lee!

Let the record show that Horney Guy loves Asian newscasters. How would you respond to allegations from commenter 14 that Mia Lee has a giant pumpkinhead?
Her hair and tan are too orange, so I guess I agree.

Touche. Will you be available for our star-studded ’Celebrity Commenter Poker Tournament’ at Bar Relax in Thai Town this coming March? (Pete, Oscar, YOU, Jeff and Jenn have yet to confirm)
I want to be the poker if it’s Sharon Tay or Mia Lee.

I hear that. What did you think of Back to the Future, Part 2? Was it overly complicated?
Usually the first in a series is the best, and that holds true for Back to the Future. It’s too bad what’s his name with the Parkinson disease can’t go to the future to get a cure, then come back.

Any parting words for Mia Lee?
Tell your make-up artist to stop painting on cleavage shadow, and instead use a push up bra to give you natural looking cleavage. Then you won’t need shadowing for your implants. And can you send me a naked pic of you making out with that chick who was macking you when you were jogging?

January 2007 Losanjealous Commenter of the Month

Horney Guy