Craptastic Cell Phone Photo of the Week: Hamburger Hair, Spaceland

This week’s champion comes from one of our very own contest winners who dragged a friend to Spaceland to check out the inimitable Neil Hamburger. I won’t lie: the tangled mass of blurred hair in the foreground pushed her over the top.

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As promised I’m writing, in part, in appreciation for those priceless Neil Hamburger tix and to let you know how much we enjoyed the show!

I met a friend of mine from college, [redacted], there and let it be known that this was [redacted]’s first ever Neil Hamburger experience. He’d never even heard of him before…except for my telling him the word is CAUSTIC….

….We spent the majority of the show throwing slack-jawed glances at each other mixed with uproarious laughter….

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