Tonight at Betalevel



Looking for something to top off your Day of the Dead? Head to Chinatown; Betalevel will be seating for a second Ambient Darkness presentation at midnight (the first one is starting right about….now). Pitch black room. Soothing, warm sounds. Maybe a cocktail in tow. Take it from me: the only place in the universe that might even come close to being as dark as Betalevel during one of these performances would be my front staircase, when the bulb on the landing burns out. Read the disclaimer and get prepared for the midnight seating – and what will doubtless be one of the more interesting (and oddly soothing) 1/2 hours of your Halloween weekend. Highly recommended.

Refreshments at 11pm; seating at 11:30.
Darkness promptly at Midnight! (No late arrivals).
Cost: FREE
» Betalevel presents Darkness…of the Dead!