Freddie Wong to Represent L.A. in Rock Band World Record Marathon

Seattle native, current Los Angeles resident, musician, aspiring filmmaker, YouTube sensation and internationally known Rock Band bad-ass, Freddie Wong will be one of a team of 14 taking part in The Rock-A-Thon, a four-day, record-breaking, fund-raising event taking place in Houston starting Friday.

Here’s how it will go down:

The Rock-A-Thon members will be setting the first world record for the Longest Relay Rock Band concert. The event will kick-off with four of the 16 Rock-A-Thon members playing a seven-song set. After the opening set, the group will play in 50-song shifts of four people – one vocalist, one guitarist, one bassist, one drummer – plus two additional people for The Beatles™: Rock Band™ songs (which require three-part harmony in addition to the instruments). All songs will be played on the “expert setting.” After the full 90 hours is complete, The Rock-A-Thon members will have played more than 1,050 songs.

Freddie Wong

Best of luck, Freddie. We’re all pulling for you.