Losanjealous Wines: 2005 Dancing Bull Zinfandel

’Wine’Dancing Bull
$9.99 (with Ralphs Club)

Notes: This is a really wet wine. An eminently drinkable table red, sourced from a hodgepodge of California grapes. The blend is 80.7% Zinfandel, 5.3% Syrah, 4.5% Petit Syrah, 3.5% Tempranillo. A great dinner wine with bold fruity notes greet the palate like a knock on the door–dark berries, grapes, of course, plum perhaps–while a soupçon of pepper on the backend hangs up your coat and welcomes you to your next smooth swallow. The color, a dark purple, is deep and regal but drinks clean, if a bit sweet, and not at all velvety. Taking the stem and gazing as if in a trance into its dark body you will conjure, not without some fondness but also no small amount of regret, a memory or two from carefree sunlit summer days spent as a child under a mother’s care, advancing onto a prep school snapshot of your budding potential as an adolescent, hints at future success, that, ultimately, never fully were realized, ripenend as it were, and are, at best, a source of self deprecating laughter when compared to the harsh fluorescent-lit reality of your adulthood, but, at the very worst, the very nonfulfillment that is the deep-rooted source of insomnia-inducing terrors visited upon you nightly. Overall, a great value for a very decent daily California blend red.

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