KCRW Launches Guest DJ Project

KCRW Launches Guest DJ Project

KCRW’s Guest DJ Project has officially launched today. Will you listen, or are you strictly a Schnabel/Trinidad/Calamar purist? No? A Harcourt/Bentley/Campos purist? Tell me you’re not a Litt/Richardson/Douridas purist. Who am I kidding. You probably listen to Ira Glass and Harry Shearer and call it a day. I figured as much. From the announcement:

Guests include late night host Conan O’Brien, John Cusack, world champion surfer Kelly Slater, “Juno” Director Jason Reitman, award-winning playwright Neil Labute, “Top Chef” host and author Padma Lakshmi, Director and skate legend Stacy Peralta, DIGG Founder Kevin Rose, Danny Devito, Comic artist Tim Sale, actor Jason Schwartzman, actress Famke Janssen, and many more.

Ok – let’s start the speculation thread before listening to the programs. Who’s going to spin what? I’d listen to Morning Becomes Devito in a heartbeat. I’m going out on a limb here and saying Danny’s going for Bruce, Winehouse and Josh Homme, but I could be way off. Guy seems to have eclectic taste.

devito @ coachella

Danny Devito introduces the Eagles of Death Metal @ Coachella 2006 by Mick O.

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