It Is Time To Stop Thinking About 2008

2009Oh, hello there. At this time (4:36pm PST; 6:36pm CST; 12:36am January 1, 2009 GMT), the annual Losanjealous “BEST OF READER PICKS” polls have all been turned off. 2008 is done for. It is time for all humans – and robots – to stop voting and begin thinking about 2009. So what’s everybody doing tonight? I’m in New Orleans, people. I’ll be toasting 2009 a full two hours ahead of you. Assuming I survive the festivities, expect to see the official results of your 2008 polls surface on this space early next year.

Item: Back at HQ, intern “G” has apparently received a tip that some of you – no naming names here – may be plotting an alcohol-fueled run on the Hollywood sign this evening, with the hopes that we all wake ’neath a great big LOSANJEALOUS hillside in 2009. Bully for you guys if you pull it off, but be warned: A few of those cameras actually work. Also, we’re not affiliated. On your own. Good luck.

Again I say: What’s everybody doing tonight? Talk to me. Have fun!