SXSW 2009: Metallica Setlist, Stubb's, 20 March 2009

SXSW 2009: Metallica Setlist, Stubb’s, 20 March 2009

PHOTO: Metallica’s James Hetfield @ Stubb’s BBQ, SXSW 2009 by .nutter

Metallica played a “surprise” (read: completely not a surprise) concert in Stubb’s backyard last Friday night, to promote the new Guitar Hero: Metallica game at South by Southwest. Prior to the show, three winners had to play Guitar Hero while Metallica looked on, laughing someplace offstage. James then walked out and said, “Hey, thanks for letting us crash your party.” The concert ran 90 minutes, featured 90% oldies and was very, very loud. They brought their own 60ft trailer truck full of gear, ensuring those in the back of the yard, those choking Red River and those crowding the roofs of the buildings across Red River would hear every single bit, crystal clear, no mud whatsoever. Could I have been more thrilled? No. I was about 20 feet back, and even walked out of the melee with a Kirk Hammett guitar pick.

Setlist Courtesy Billboard:

Here’s Metallica’s South By Southwest set list:

Creeping Death
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Harvester of Sorrows
Broken, Beat and Scarred
Sad But True
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Master of Puppets
(second encore)
Seek and Destroy