Up In The Air Leads Golden Globe Nominations

Up In The Air

Up In The Air comes out leading the Golden Globes pack with six nominations, including Best Picture, Drama. I liked this movie a lot. All three leads hit it out of the park–Anna Kendrick, Clooney, Vera Farmiga, maybe in that order. Somehow feel like I can’t quite love it, yet. Maybe on a second viewing love will blossom.

My take on The Hurt Locker, also nominated for Best Picture, is that it is a perfect, compact movie, but not a “Best Picture,” if makes any sense. It doesn’t really have the grand sweep or scope or post-viewing lingering effect, that signify Best Picture, for me at least.

Nice to see Joe Gordon-Levitt get the nod for (500) Days of Summer. While it’s a bit curious to see A Serious Man lumped into the comedy category to squeeze in a Best Actor nom for Michael Stuhlbarg.

Full list of nominations here.