A Call-Out to All Los Angeles Theatres

War of the worlds for $14? No thank you… BUT… the first theatre to broadcast that oprah segment on the bigscreen gets my $14 immediately. It’s better than a workout. Say it with me in rhythm people,
Do the cruise. Do the cruise. Do the cruuuuuuuize! Pump the fist. Now jump the couch. Jump the couch. Do the cruuuuuuuize now choke the oprah. Kneel the floor. Pumpa fist. Now do the cruise. Do the cruise.

Calling all Laemmles, all AMCs, all Manns, all Arclights (all one of you), all Vistas, all Regents, all theatres damn you! Do the cruise! I’ll pay! (’Do the cruise’ line courtesy the regularly brilliant defamer)