Rub Your Freedom In The Terrorists' Collective Face

Rub Your Freedom In The Terrorists’ Collective Face

As we all know, The Terrorists Hate Our Freedomâ„¢ . So Angelenos, if you don’t celebrate your freedom this July 4th, they may as well have already won. (9/11.) Unfortunately, parking lot tin shack firework sales are illegal within the city limits of Los Angeles proper. So where in the L.A. area can one legally blow some shit up in their driveway? handily lists the cities in L.A. County where you can and cannot ring in the 4th the right way–with pyrotechnics. Residents of La Verne will be relieved to know they can shoot down the 10 to nearby Irwindale, visit the quarry, load up on Magic Black Snakes, and then come home and deface their driveways. Whittier residents likewise can cross the street to Norwalk to pick up some sparklers. Suck on that, freedom-hating terrorists.

( does not advocate the breaking of laws, even the silly ones. Only you can prevent forest fires.)