Lawncare Jobs Outsourced to Goats

goatGoats are cute. And they eat brush. So San Pedro shipped in 143 goats to clear the overgrowth at Peck Park Canyon before California’s fire season arrived. The goats arrived June 28 and are expected to finish up the 12-acre job by early this week.

The goats were a hit with the locals, many of whom brought their families to watch the livestock as they grazed the area with the protection of three dogs.

And the city must have saved a goatload of cash. Right? Actually no. The goats didn’t save the city any money over the cost of non-goat labor. Either way the bill was about $11,500.

Lawncare workers of the Greater Los Angeles Area: it is time to end the tyranny. Rise up against your sure-footed oppressors! You have nothing to lose but your chainsaws!