Profile: Cake Town Garden

Profile: Cake Town Garden

caketownMan cannot live on porkneck alone. Nor can he subsist entirely on Oki-Dogs. Today I bring you the profile of a considerably gentler establishment with the hopes that it may act as a sort of smoothing agent for the stomachs calloused by porkneck overconsumption: A bakery. Again must I nod to self-imposed mentor Jonathan Gold.

Me: (pointing to donut in glass case with Hangul lettering) What’s in the jelly-donut-looking thing?
Clerk: ehhh – ?
Customer speaks Korean to clerk. Clerk replies.
Customer: It’s…a vegetable stew.
Me: and that one?
Customer speaks Korean to clerk. Clerk replies.
Customer: That one is red bean.
Me (to clerk): I must have one of each!
Me: (to clerks) Thank you!
Me: (to translator) Thank you!

caketownWith the exception of the two cryptic donut groupings in the glass warmer, most of the cakes at Cake Town Garden are categorized on trays much like albums in a record bin (photo), category titles helpfully written both in English and Hangul (photo).

Along with the two fried donuts I purchased a few cakes and sundries. The pumpkin rolls are a delight, if a heavy one. Eating one conjured up the ancient Korean proverb Put off for one day and ten days will pass. I have no idea if this was a fluke, or if it has to do with something they put in the cake. Please let me know if you have a similar experience.

Briefly thought I caught a glimpse of Phillip Cho in the parking lot. Determined the complexion was waay off, shrugged him off and bit into the veggie donut with vigor.

I end now with a song. You may sing it, but pray do not sing it oft. Remember the words of yet another ancient Korean proverb: “You will hate a beautiful song if you sing it often”

Cake Town Garden is a hell of a place,
They sell veggie-filled donuts in a big glass case.
You can get your fill of cakes and maybe pick out Phillip Cho,
But don’t forget to tip the clerks and nod to Jonathan Go.

Cake Town Garden
551 S. Western Ave