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home of the combo, unless it happens to be 3pm on SundayShack Time. The Original Marty’s. The three glowing reviewers over at Citysearch are my kind of people:

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Romantic: yes

Couldn’t agree more. Hell yes a shack on the side of the street is romantic! If there’s romance in your life, everywhere is romantic. The fucking aluminum siding section of Home Depot is romantic.

damn i’m hungry where’s my dogBack to my review. I’ve seen people at this shack. It’s got the Vienna Beef signage ubiquitous on taverns in Chicago (usually paired with Old Style Beer signage, but this is after all a sidewalk shack and presumably alcohol-free).

I arrived promptly at 3pm on a Sunday. My weekend lunch hour. Nobody in sight. No cooks. No clients. No Vienna, No Beef. No Old Style Beer for damn sure. No hours of operation posted. One sole pigeon hanging out underneath a table in the back patio. Pigeons are a sign of a steady food supply. I stared at him. He stared at me. Neither of us were going to get anything to eat. I grabbed the pigeon, got in the car and headed east on Pico towards the boarded-up ruins of the once-majestic Mo’ Better Meatty Meat Burgers at the corner of Pico and Fairfax. I didn’t make it that far. Just past La Cienega something caught my eye, and like a dual Vienna Beef-Old Style sign in Chicago, it demanded immediate attention.

The sun beat down. I turned the car around and eased into the lot.

To Be Continued…

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