Great (?) Moments in Losanjealous Halloween History

Great (?) Moments in Losanjealous Halloween History

tinyjackToday, we delve into the past – something we rarely do – and examine the “Greatest Halloween Hits” ever to have graced the Losanjealous website. Join us now as we stroll through an incredibly foolish, oft-scary-as-fuck memory lane…

2005: Five fools nearly tip over a rowboat, Hollywood Forever Cemetery

2005: Bill DeMarco experiences difficulty finding a pimp costume for Halloween

2005: Baconwrapped hot dog vendors at Dia De Los Muertos Festival fall prey to massive sting operation orchestrated by LAPD

2005: Ryan fails to find assless chaps @ Dia De Los Muertos, East Los Angeles

2005: Ryan eats ’horrific’ blood sausage, Koreatown

2006: Mr. T Braves Danzig’s House, Off-Season

2006: Karen finds SLAYER in Hollywood dumpster

2006: The Receptacle discovers an inordinate amount of Johnny Depp-alikes at the annual WeHo street parade

2006: Jeff Chiliburger carves self-portrait into spherical gourd

2006: Jeannette discovers el chupacabra, stuffed and mounted inside a skid row-adjacent ranchero bar.

2006: The “D” champions Betalevel’s Halloween mp3 swap meet

2006: Staff contributors carve pumpkins @ The Scene, Glendale

2006: Bruce Willis screws up LAX Traffic

2006: Some damn fool dresses as the Democratic Partyâ„¢

2006: Victor hawks tickets to Brazilian Girls Hallowen Show

2006: No Baconwrapped sting operations in sight this year

2006: Oscar Dubbed October 2006 Commenter of the Month

2007: A team of Canadians discuss the Karate Kid and applicable present-day costumes; Ryan creates a Franken Berry® in his creepy-ass lab; Ryan grades various acrylic mfgrs on blood bullshitability; Charles Phoenix waxes poetic on Frankenstein’s footwear; Mr. T takes on Elvira, Hollywoodland

Happy Halloween To Our Readers, Contributors, Advertisers, and Publicity Spammers.