Don't Forget: Star Wars Night @ Dodger Stadium This Saturday

Don’t Forget: Star Wars Night @ Dodger Stadium This Saturday

starwars_shirtThe Dodgers may currently be unable to win one single crummy game in order to clinch the National League West title, but that all changes when we collectively use the force this Saturday night to guide the team to victory over the Rockies (90% sure it won’t happen tonight). Fans who forked over the $50 for the yoda t-shirt and a seat in the now-sold-out special Lower Reserve area will also enjoy mask-wearing privileges and a menu consisting of Cloneburgers with cheese, R2-BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, and Ice Sabers (popsicles) (no, I did not make those up). Jim Rome may have said it best some time back:

Memo to the Los Angeles Dodgers: you do know you’re a storied major league franchise and not some fledgling, financially insolvent minor league team in some obscure independent league right? That you don’t need to resort to minor league, sideshow gimmicks to get people to the come to the yard? Especially, in the middle of a pennant race! (read the whole thing)

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