Calbi Truck Braves Drizzle to Serve the Westside

Calbi Truck Braves Drizzle to Serve the Westside


Spotted around 2pm at Wilshire/Granville. Is this truck any good? I didn’t stop (already had 3 McRibs for lunch). And I’m kinda over all trucks for a while. Plus I’m generally suspicious of anything advertising “Franchises Available”.

The ever perspicacious Janet L. from Sherman Oaks over on Yelp gives them a rave–when they include enough slaw on their items:

I then tried Calbi last Saturday ALSO at Abbot Kinney and there was NO line and the tacos were AMAZING! I loved em. I especially loved the marinade of the chicken and the generous amount of slaw they put in each taco. LOVE the extra extra spicy sauce they give along with it also. After 3 of these puppies we headed over to Flying Pig which was also pretty freakin’ amazing. (more variety and kinda gourmet-ish).

But since the review is for Calbi, I must stay on topic. I have to add that Calbi is RELIABLE which is mega points in my taco book. They tweeted they were going to be in my hood of Sherman Oaks (which I know is rare) and when I replied to see how long they were gonna be there, they actually wrote back to me. Customer Service points for that little token.

The reason for -1 star is that today when I got my tacos they didn’t seem to put as much slaw on top of the tacos and that adds so much. So – hopefully they will work on the consistency.