Eye on Venice: Schlongs Drugs to Encroach Former Koo Koo Roo Locale ‘Neath Clown Crotch

bullseye!VENICE (Losanjealous) ::: Eager to create a presence amidst the burned-out hippies and architectural tastemakers of Venice as quickly as possible, Longs Drugs (NYSE: LDG) has opted to inhabit the yawning vacancy at 225 Main Street near Rose.

Beginning January 26, 2007, those suffering from emphysema, strep throat, insomnia, tinnitus, dandruff, acne scarring, halitosis, chronic back pain, inflammation of the [redacted], hangnails, allergies, croup, hacking cough, expanded capillaries, those suffering from cold symptoms, those in need of trash bags, those fresh out of cotton swabs, those in need of birth control, those in need of Kleenex™ and those in need of cosmetics will equally enjoy the proximity of the massive albeit tactfully diapered clown crotch created by Jonathan Borofsky as part of a larger ’body’ of work.

Shares of LDG were up .07% to 41.26 at day’s end.

Of Clown Crotches and Towers (Losanjealous)
Bearded man with fanny pack and tucked-in t-shirt ’just kicking it’ @ Clown (Borofsky.com)