Now Through 8pm: 5 Cent Coffee, 10 Cent Sandos @ Phillippe(‘s)

You may not know whether to call it Philippe or Philippe’s*, and we both more or less think that crock about having originally invented the “French Dip” is a load of it. Still, we have no choice but to agree that Philippe(’s) – the restaurant in question – is one seriously, inarguably non-Chinese joint in the heart of Chinatown. The totally-not-Chinese establishment will dole out 100th anniversary signature sandwiches and coffee for 10cents and 5 cents, respectively, for the next few hours. Sale prices valid through 8pm. Special guests (we are not bullshitting, here) include Roger the Peanut Man, Harpo the Clown, Huell Howser and much more. One sandwich per person rule to be enforced by Harpo the Clown and Roger the Peanut Man.

*hell – who does!? check the Times’ leading photo caption here

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